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We love our music classes with Miss Tracy! We have been participated in 5 semesters of music classes between my two children and couldn't love it more! Both of my children have/had delayed speech and this class has helped them to blossom and work on sounds and language through music.


My children had Miss Tracy when they took Music Together® classes and she was beyond wonderful. Her knowledge and background of music (and music therapy), her attitude and her thoughtfulness are outstanding. EVERY CHILD ages 0-5 should take these classes. It's a great bonding experience for parent (or grandparent, guardian, etc.) and child. I met people from 3 other countries, who also sent their children to the same classes and we sang the Hello song over dinner. You will love these classes and the teacher!


I've done Music Together with Miss Tracy with all three of my kids and we love it! Miss Tracy has a strong music background teaching the kids so much about music while we're all having fun. I appreciate the suggestions she gives us on ways to continue to develop music skills at home. My oldest is almost 7 and he still enjoys coming to classes when school is out. Music Together has been one of the best things we've done for our kids. It's hard to find something that all three kids enjoy and benefit from but Music Together is something we all love and benefit from